The Basics

Micro Phone Lens is the world's first commercially available microscope attachment for mobile devices. Turn your smart phone or tablet into a powerful microscope!

How it Works

Using the Micro Phone Lens is simple:

1. Stick-On: The lens sticks directly onto your device camera using our special cling adhesion.
    Stick-On, Pull-Off, it never wears out.
    2. Explore: That's it! Now you're ready to explore the microscopic world. No app required.

    The same Micro Phone Lens works with all smartphones and tablets so you never have to worry about compatibility or upgrading your device.

    Product Comparison

    15x Lens: Our original, best-selling product. Point-and-shoot, take anywhere, with impressive magnification. Product Page

    150x Lens: Our most powerful lens. Comparable in strength to a laboratory microscope. Available in a kit with prepared and blank microscope slides. Product Page

    Macro Lens: Our newest product. Available in 4x or 8x magnification. Great for taking close-up photos that are much better than your phone's digital zoom. Product Page